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There’s an anonymous saying, “I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me”. In my life, it couldn’t get truer than this. I am what I am today due to my mother. But I know, not every girl is blessed on this front. Therefore, Mystic KAORI works diligently towards making an empowered society by giving inner strength and financial freedom to women.

Once a lady crosses mid 30s & nearing 40s; besides hot flushes & be mid age crisis, she spends a little more time looking in the mirror.

That one compliment she gets in a day makes her feel good & confident about her own self. Thanks to those cosmetic companies out there who have done a wonderful job over the years in enhancing & highlighting the inner beauty.
Like cosmetics, beauty regime products too play a very important role in keeping skin & hair nourished. By just using a correct product one can give best care to the biggest organ of the body; the skin.

What better business where you see smiling faces of friends and loved ones who come and say “today I got five compliments on my glowing skin and shiny hair after using your products”. Well for me this would mean I am spreading more happiness and love through my venture which makes my heart content to the core. Our forte is in customization. We make products as per your skin type.

Jignesha Bhansali

Michelle Obama writes “Marry your equal”, someone who wants you to win as much as you want them to win.” This is so profound and absolutely relevant to describe the man of the hour.

Not many men even in 21st century would let their wives walk away with a trophy while they sit in the audience to give her a big applause on her achievements. Introducing Abhisekh Bhansali, the love of my life & father to our baby Mystic KAORI. If I am a day dreamer then he ensures how to make that dream a reality.

He works behind the scenes to keep the company run smoothly & efficiently. If marketing & sales is my forte, then sourcing raw materials, fixing vendors, chasing printers, coordinating with logistics, maintaining accounts, ensuring product certification are some of the many works that need lot of patience & continuous follow ups.

Abhisekh does all of these and many more single handed without even once wanting to come in the lime light. He believes that we are married to complement each other at nano level. He’s a man of few words and lets his work do the talking. People who know him closely can vouch for his kindness & suaveness in anything he does.

He epitomises patience which is a key element to accomplishment of any task at hand and he does it with absolute poise and grace. If Mystic KAORI has risen to this level then the biggest credit goes to Abhisekh for keeping the back hand strong & functioning. It is this team work & selflessness that reflects in the values of Mystic KAORI.

We hope to strive every day with same zeal and enthusiasm to take this venture to bigger heights.

Abhisekh Bhansali

I, Jignesha Bhansali, Founder of Mystic KAORI, thank everyone for making us a 1000 member family

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