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Handcrafted with raw materials like saffron, sandalwood powder, rose petals to name a few

Welcome to the, world of  Mystic KAORI

A holistic company that incorporates a trinity of spiritual, mental, and physical aspects in every product that it makes.

Jignesha Bhansali, Founder of Mystic KAORI, her second innings started 4 years ago when she toyed with the idea of doing something from home. After some brain storming she decided to make customized gifts which would come handy when some sudden guests turned up at home or you decided to suddenly meet friends or colleagues.

There is nothing better than giving a small hamper of organic home made products. It began with making hand crafted soaps. Within a month it became a hit which persuaded her to try making variety of products in the same category.




Combined with Age old ayurveda & grandmother's recipes, the products are Organic, Chemical-free and amazing on skin



KAORI means fragrance. These Signature Soaps ooze fragrance and benefits in equal amount

Our Ingredients

We use wholesome, organic, vegan ingredients to create our products. Ingredients such as farm fresh aloe, essential oils and preservative oils like coconut, almond and organic compound fragrances used to make our products.

These ingredients help in improving skin texture, a combination that hydrates as well as moisturises the skin. Over a period of time the skin gets over exposed to harsh weather conditions Therefore we have carefully selected ingredients that work effectively giving instant results.

Beat The Heat by Mystic KAORI

This Summer, Clear your tan and skin with the Super Saver Combo of Instant Glow Pearl Face Mask And The Walnut & Honey Exfoliation Scrub


Check out our collection of gift hampers


Gift Organic and Handcrafted Gifts to your loved ones

Home Facial Kit


Home Facial Kit

Customize your own home Facial kit with Mystic KAORI ( Free Rose Mist )


Earthy Soap Set

A perfect combination of 4 earth element soaps right ingredients  to suits all types of skins


Infused Pot Pourri

Gift Organic and Handcrafted Gifts to your loved ones.

Founder’s Desk

I would like to begin by saying that; being a woman is a statement, a statement of immense strength, resilience, responsibility, care, nurture to name a few. It’s more about inner beauty than mere external. It’s about being the best creation of God who embodied His magnanimous presence to keep this planet alive.

I strongly believe that a successful woman can lend a hand to many struggling women and help them shine brilliantly. This is her success in the true sense where she can say that she has contributed to society in a positive & constructive manner. 

We at Mystic KAORI firmly believe and truly live by this ideology and have created this robust foundation where we help women achieve their financial freedom & a chance to create their identity. Through this venture, we invite women from all walks of life to come and join our Mystic KAORI Associates Club (MKAC). Be a part of this club and show the hidden talent in you.

The one slogan I would like to define Mystic KAORI is “SALES IN MY VEINS”

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