Welcome to the world of Mystic KAORI!

…a holistic company that incorporates a trinity of spiritual, mental, and physical aspects in every product that it makes.

Jignesha Bhansali, Founder of Mystic KAORI, her second innings started 4 years ago when she toyed with the idea of doing something from home. After some brain storming sheI decided to make customised gifts which would come handy when some sudden guests turned up at home or you decided to suddenly meet friends or colleagues.

There is nothing better than giving a small hamper of organic home made products. It began with making hand crafted soaps. Within a month it became a hit which persuaded her to try making variety of products in the same category. Combining age old Ayurveda & grandmother’s recipe she developed some interesting beauty regime products that came in very affordable range.

Have you been in a situation where you had to visit a relative or go for a house warming celebration or simply meet a friend after a long time & you suddenly realise that you don’t have a handy gift to carry along?

Well it has happened many times with us and it was quite a struggle, running halter skelter to find a appropriate gift. In the process we landed up over spending the resources & yet not finding the right thing to give.

Most of the times these gifts get recycled as the receiver may not use those gifts; either because they are repetitive like photo frames, crockery, sweets, candle set to name a few or because it is not personalised.

Mystic KAORI

Mystic KAORI (Kaori means fragrance in Japanese) was born on January 14, 2017 a very auspicious day as per Hindu belief. Our products are made with extreme precision and love.

We at Mystic KAORI use organic, chemical-free, eco-friendly, and vegetarian ingredients to make homemade products for your skin, hair, and body, with no added preservatives.  We conceptualize products which are both gentle and effective. Ingredients such as farm-fresh aloe, essential oils, preservative oils such as coconut and almond, and organic compound fragrances, such as lavender are incorporated, to bring them into reality.

We are passionate about using a touch of timeless ingredients blended scientifically to enhance natural beauty and give a young-looking skin. 

Our products range from hand-crafted soaps, exotic scrubs, night repair gels to nourishing creams, hair care, and flavored lip balms, to name a few.

Beauty regime is not just restricted to women.

At Mystic KAORI soaps & more we believe in total equality. Men too deserve to feel good & special about themselves. In saying so we literally mean we care & what better than giving men what they like; well in most cases. Nothing better than engaging them with drinks. In this case Mystic KAORI soaps & more for the first time ever in soap segment has developed soaps using the choice of alcohol that men would like.

Fragrances like Orange Vodka, Lavender Vodka, Lemon & Vodka, Musk & Rum, Brut & Whiskey. KAORI from these soaps is so tempting that we might need to write statutory warning on the soap wrapper saying these soaps are not edible & promoters take no responsibility of anyone eating them out of sheer temptation whatsoever.

We would like to share more about how we incorporate the trinity in our products and why they represent a perfect balance.

  1. We believe that good thoughts and good vibes make all the difference. We purify every raw material and every product with prayer and divine light for our customers to get positivity and good vibes through our products. Our emphasis on good vibes represents the most important aspect of the trinity, the spiritual aspect.
  2. The mental aspect reflects in our ethos of celebrating and selling intelligently crafted products, at prices which allow a wide range of consumers to access and afford our products.  All our products are very concentrated which gives more useage and makes it value for money proposition.
  3. We make ethical choices, and aim to be gentle with the Earth. Glass bottles have been a tough choice on us for packaging, yet we value our planet more. Glass bottles reduce landfills and the plastic burden on the planet, thereby being the eco-friendly choice. We align with you in making the earth-friendly choice through our actions, reflecting the physical aspect of the trinity.
Further, when we speak of personal care category, we consider fragrance as a important factor while choosing personal care products. Hence we named our company Mystic KAORI (Kaori means Fragrance in Japanese). The combination of Organic, Exotic and Mystical fragrances used in our products makes them an essential in your personal care regimen.